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Wednesday 11 March 2015

The Iris Tape

Throughout his life our good friend Dirk has had a particular problem in that girls keep approaching him and thrusting compilation tapes at him.
To his credit he has learnt to live with it and recently he has  even plucked up the courage to write about it which I am sure has been somewhat cathartic for him.
His particular (musical) favourite is The Iris Tape which is indeed the stuff of legend.

I suspect that the Iris in question is not the country star Iris DeMent. But in the case of Dirk you just never know!

Iris DeMent - Sweet is the Melody

Iris DeMent - No Time to Cry


  1. Nah, she is not, mate! But thanks for making my morning, I nearly burst out with laughter here in the office!

  2. I love how there are so many of us referring to it as "The Iris Tape" now. Legendary, indeed.

  3. Be great if it had been Iris Dement. Love Sweet Is The Melody, what a great song...