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Wednesday 25 March 2015

Another Tenuous Name Link

Another extremely tenuous name link.
The other day I was listening to the news on the radio.There was a story about a toddler in the United States who had survived for something like 18 hours upside down in a submerged car thanks to the straps on her car seat ensuring her head was kept above the water.
There was an interview with a local law enforcement officer who had a very peculiar way of pronouncing the word vehicle.
What caught my attention most, however, was that his name was Matt Johnson.
This in turn led me to looking out the above single by the band which was effectively a vehicle for the great man with the same name.
I can't remember where or when I bought it but a sticker on the cover tells me I paid £1.25 for the privilege

The The - Infected

The The -Infected (Energy Mix)

The The - Disturbed


  1. £1.25? Them's were the days! Great stuff.

  2. This story is chilling. Those that responded to the scene say they heard a woman calling for help from the car, but the mother had been dead for many hours. Let's move on...

    Great single here. The pop and crackle of your vinyl is music to these ears too.