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Saturday 21 March 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

This week's random offering is Panic - 15 Tracks of Riotous '80s Indie Insurrection! which came free with Mojo in April 2011.
As you would expect it contains many of the usual suspects -Billy Bragg,The Mekons, Redskins, McCarthy, etc,etc.
I am pretty familiar with 12 of the 15 acts on the CD so it was a case of perm 2 from the other 3  to feature.
The one which missed out is Who Snatched the Baby? by The Band of Holy Joy which I didn't think was that good.
First up are The Nightingales who have previously featured on George's Birdy Saturday
Then we have an absolutely splendid one minute fifty seven seconds of Getting Nowhere Fast by Girls at our Best! a band I intend to explore further.

More random nonsense next Saturday

The Nightingales - First My Job

Girls At Our Best! - Getting Nowhere Fast


  1. It shouldn't take you long to explore the music of Girls at Our Best as their catalogue is sadly quite slim. A couple of their tunes were on the shortlist for my current feature, but, for one reason or another, didn't quite make it. Lovely to hear 'Getting Nowhere Fast' this morning, The Nightingales too.

  2. I have that Nowhere Fast track on a Peel tape somewhere. I suspect that Brian of LTL will like that one.

  3. Good freebie cd this onem nary a bad song on it.

  4. Silly fingers and tablet keys

  5. George has me pegged. Optic Nerve did a splendid vinyl reissue of 'Pleasure,' the only full-length album from Girls at Our Best, a few short months ago. It includes the singles from around that time too, including this wonderful song you posted today. It upped the ante on the Cherry Red reissue from about five years ago. Highly recommended. And all of this shouldn't undermine that track from the Nightingales... so good. I have never seen this comp before, but it looks like a winner in every way. You have so many of these in your collection. Quite impressive.

    1. MOJO and Uncut magazines in the UK have come up with the goods on a regular basis over the years Brian. Are their similar US equivalents?

    2. CC, not much of a phenomenon over here. Of course, some of us read your periodicals with a religious fervor and sent in for the music. You may have noticed commentor extraordinaire Echorich was really into these from afar.