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Wednesday 18 March 2015

Greetings From Fargo

Greetings from Fargo.
No, not the largest city on North Dakota (population 113,658) and the county seat of Cass County.
Nor the fantastic 1996 film of the same name by the Coen Brothers.

No, the Fargo in question is actually a record label albeit one that does not originate from North Dakota but rather from Paris, France
Another great European record label (alongside Germany's Blue Rose and Glitterhouse and the Dutch Munich Records) which specialises in Americana music.
The two artists featured have graced the pages of CCM before.
Paula Frazer the erstwhile lead singer of Tarnation would I suspect not be out of place in a Coen Brother's film.
I'm sure that they could also find some suitable parts for Canada's Great Lake Swimmers.

Yah, you betcha!

Paula Frazer - Like a Ghost

Great Lake Swimmers - Moving, Shaking


  1. Two bloody brilliant tracks today, absolutely tremendous. That Paula Frazer, what a haunting voice. TopTastic.

  2. Absolutely agree with George - two corkers. I really love Paula Frazer and as for Great Lake Swimmers, 'Moving Shaking' is taken from their debut, which is still the only album of theirs I own. Haven't played it in way too long.

    1. The only one of theirs I have is Ongiara which is pretty good.
      Saw them once when we went to see Will Johnston of Centromatic/ South San Gabriel fame who was supporting them.
      I've never seen Paula Frazer - there is a story there which I will share sometime

  3. One of my favourite female vocalists is Paula Frazer. Tremendous song that showcases what a great voice she has.