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Tuesday 24 March 2015

Cowboy Jackie Ingram

The country singer Jack Ingram sometimes goes by the moniker of Country Jack Ingram.
Around the same time as his 1997 album Livin' of Dyin' was out in the British soap opera Coronation Street one of the lead roles Mike Baldwin had a new love interest Jackie Ingram As you can see from the above picture it all ended in tears.
The less mature among us ( you know who you are George) took to referring to her as Cowboy Jackie Ingram.
I saw Jack (as opposed to Jackie ) at King Tuts and he was rather good.
For those of you who can perhaps detect a little bit of Steve Earle in his music it will come as no surprise to learn that the album was produces by the Twang Trust - namely Ray Kennedy (not the former Liverpool footballer) and the afore mentioned Mr Earle

Jack Ingram - She Does Her Best

Jack Ingram -Airways Motel


  1. You would not want to get on the wrong side of Jackie Ingram by the looks of that pic..had Mike forgotten to bring her breakfast in bed.

    1. I suspect another woman may have been involved Scott -a lover spurned and all that!

  2. That explains the crazed look on her face. She looks a bit like a young Rita Fairclough.

    1. a BIT younger than Rita? Rita's old enogh to be her granny! I'd totaly forgotten, though, about the mad Jackie Ingram episodes.