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Tuesday 17 March 2015

Black Star Liner

On the recently featured Mojo Rebel Music CD there is a track by Tapper Zukie extolling the virtues of the MPLA - the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola or in the Portuguese Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola 
A reference in the song is made to Black Star Liner.
My subsequent research tells me this was the name of a shipping line set up by Marcus Garvey to transport goods and ultimately African Americans throughout the African Global economy

Black Star Liner is also the name of a band from Leeds who played Asian influenced dance music and dub reggae.
Recently I picked up a cheap copy of one of their singles Rock Freak from 1997. The title track is a load of pants but the other songs on the single are not too bad


  1. 'Man Ah Warrior' and 'MPLA' are fantastic LP's and the ones that followed are none too shabby either. A terrific tune to start the day.

  2. Low BMW has got something about it that I like. And Inder Automatica seems to have some approving head-shaking going on from my partner. Little black dog remains totally unmoved by both.

  3. Check out the song by Reggae Regular(s) called Black Star Liner, a full 9+ minutes of 70s reggae goodness