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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

This week's selection is This is Music an Uncut compilation from October 2004.
Initially I was looking to give you two tracks from artists who had not previously featured but it was a bit of a struggle to be honest.
So therefore you are getting one new artist to CCM and one old favourite.
We'll start with the new one.Up until now I'd never heard of The Czars.However, I now know that they are from Denver , that they released 6 studio albums and that their membership included John Grant who went on to have solo success with Queen of Denmark.
This song Paint the Moon is from their fifth album Goodbye and is on the Bella Union label.
Next up is our old pal Dave Alvin with Rio Grande co-written with Tom Russell track 2 from his fantastic album Ashgrove on Yep Roc.
Maybe she’s in Brownsville
She’s got some family there
She was always talkin’ ‘bout
The salty Gulf Coast air

Lovely stuff

More random nonsense next Saturday

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  1. I really liked Paint The Moon as I remember but I never investigated any further so some reason.