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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Celtic Connections #1

Mrs CC and I managed a couple of concerts at this year's Celtic Connections
The first gig we attended was to see Tiny Ruins at the Tron Theatre.
This was a pretty random choice based on the blurb in the brochure
They are a band from Auckland, New Zealand consisting of Holly Fullbrook on vocals and Cass Basil on bass. There was also a drummer Benjamin someone or other.
I must admit we were a tad disappointed.
They play indie folk which is not unpleasant. However all their songs seemed to be a touch one dimensional.
All right in small doses I suspect
The support act was Ross Wilson from Edinburgh but now based in London who goes under the name Blue Rose Code.
A pretty interesting character as this blurb shows.
His songs were pretty good and he is worth checking out on his forthcoming British  tour

Tiny Ruins - Me at the Museum You in the Wintergardens

Blue Rose Code -Boscombe Armistice (Soundcloud) I can't work out how to get the Soundcloud thingy up!


  1. I went to see Andy White, more of which later in the week.

  2. Try this way to embed a soundcloud file: Click the share button and go to embed. Copy the file and go back to wordpress. Change to the html-version of your post and insert. I had my problems as well to figure it out.

  3. I'll try that Walter thanks. Rest assured if it doesn't work it will be my fault not yours!