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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Some Sunday Soul

I have only ever spend approximately 30 minutes of my life in the Angus town of Forfar.
This was long enough however to purchase Portrait the stunning 2012 debut album by Josephine.
Josephine is Josephine Oniyama from Hulme in Manchester but with Liberian and Jamaican roots.
It is  a pleasant mixture of soul, gospel, country and jazz
Here are the title track and Original Love which were both released as singles.
On this basis the follow up album is eagerly waited.

As well as selling me this great record Forfar's main claims to fame are that it is the Scottish centre for guide dog training and also the home of the Forfar bridie, a  Scottish equivalent to the Cornish pastie

A Forfar Bridie

Josephine - Portrait

Josephine - Original Love


  1. Forfar is worth more than a 30 minute visit. It is a lovely Angus town. There's a fair few worth a vist. I was going to say something about Blairgowrie also being a nice ANgus town. But it's in Perthshire

    1. Blairgowrie is a nice wee town. Also drove through Kirriemuir birthplace of JM Barrie and Bon Scott

    2. Yes Kirriemuir is nice town. ANOTHER nice twon in Angus. Broughty Ferry is also in Angus.

  2. Seem to recall seeing Josephine on Later a few years ago and being very impressed with her. Nice voice, good to hear her again.

  3. i could fair go a decent Bridie right now!