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Monday, 9 February 2015

Celtic Connections #2

Our second Celtic Connections concert was Allison Moorer at the stunning St Andrews in the Square.
I was a wee bit apprehensive about the venue as being an old church with high ceilings the acoustics have been pretty poor at previous gigs I've attended there.
However, I'm glad to report that whilst not brilliant they were considerably better than I remember.
Support was from Shetland singer songwriter Arthur Nicholson who has a fine album Sticks & Stones out at the moment. He put me in mind a wee bit of Teddy Thompson and let's face it that is no bad thing.He also does a pretty good version of God Only Knows.
On to the main act. Allison Moorer was absolutely superb. She was accompanied only by her
producer Kenny Greenberg who played some quite  ace (as Singing Bear  would say) guitar.
Hayes Carll joined her from the wings for a duet on one song.A friend popping by or a new beau perhaps?
She is shortly to release Down to Believing the compulsory break up album following the ending of her marriage to Steve Earle.
Believe me, it will be well worth acquiring if the concert is anything to go by.

Arthur Nicholson - Go For It

Allison Moorer - Is It Worth It

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  1. As you say CC, it really is a stunning venue. Sad to hear that her marriage to Steve Earle is over, they seemed like one of the few really together couples.