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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Last Internationale

I bumped into my pal Harry at Celtic Connections and we got chatting as to new music we had heard or seen since the last time we had met.
He told me that he has seen The Last Internationale supporting Robert Plant and that he would be first in the queue the next time they came back to Glasgow.
On the strength of his recommendation I explored them further and was impressed enough to purchase their  album We Will Reign which is very good indeed
From Brooklyn, New York they are guitarist Edgey Pires, vocalist Delila Paz and drummer Brad Wilk.
They have pretty strong left wing leanings as some of their songs clearly demonstrate.

I'm not posting anything from We Will Reign as you should go out and buy it.
The album is all original tracks and quite rocky in places -a bit like a nosier Noisettes
Also,as I am low on bandwidth, I am posting links to two covers they have on their Soundcloud page which you can download from there.

The Last Internationale -A Change is Gonna Come

The Last Internationale - Deportees


  1. why not open up another Box account with a differnet email account? Or is it a case of CBA? That album is ony my list, by the way

    1. Good idea - never thought of that.Might try that for next month if I can be arsed

  2. Cheers for the introduction to them CC, we need more bands like this. Think I shall be purchasing the album...