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Friday, 6 February 2015

The Sound of The Suburbs

Brian recently correctly stated that That Summer was the best film soundtrack out there.I would go further and say that it is also the best New Wave Compilation. Regrettably I no longer have my copy.
However The Sounds of The Suburbs probably comes a very close second
How could it not be when tracks 3 to 5 are Ever Fallen in Love With, Another Girl Another Planet and Teenage Kicks?
The rest are top drawer too.
Here is the title track by The Members followed by the magnificence that were the Buzzcocks.
I still, on occasions, wake up in a cold sweat having had a nightmare about Roland Gift murdering this song.

The Members - The Sound of the Suburbs

Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)


  1. Definitely the sound of my suburban youth! You know how the magic of some songs can gradually fade over the decades? Yet I can't imagine there will ever be a time when the three you list won't sound as good as they first did. (I still remember the clear vinyl Members 7" that I borrowed off my b/f to tape, aww!)

  2. Used to have a copy of the That Summer soundtrack too. If I ever find it I'll get in touch.

    Great soundtrack. Terrible film though.

  3. Both these songs are very significant for me and symbolise a time of youth, energy, confusion and all round general greatness (well, form this far away). Been meaning to write something in particular about of them. Maybe I will soon. Thanks for the digital form as \i only own the 45s. The Members of clear vinyl with a great sleeve. Remember? Things really meant something back then. It's all too easily obtained now.

  4. Thanks, CC. I'm impressed that Jamie has actually seen That Summer. Although I consider it the single most important album I ever bought for my musical education, more than three decades later I have still never seen this "terrible" film.

    1. Bit of a fluke really but I moved down to Torquay where the film was set just before it came out. Think I saw it on the first night of its run there too. Very popular locally but I doubt it received a nationwide release.

  5. Don't forget track 6 was Echo Beach... I wrote a piece about Sound of the Suburbs myself a while back. It probably is one of the best compilation albums ever.

  6. What a great compilation CC. This came out when I was working in record stores and was on constant rotation.

  7. One of the best compilations ever...up there with Troublemakers on Warner Bros, Rough Trade's Wanna Buy A Bridge, La Gran Movida on Stiff...and one I probably will get flack for Made In Britain on Polydor...