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Friday, 27 February 2015

New Country

Some new Country music tonight in the shape of Ward Thomas.
From the Deep South - that is Hampshire in the deep south of the UK as opposed to the US of A  twins Catherine and Lizzie Ward Thomas come from a musical family
If their music sounds familiar it is perhaps because they cite The Dixie Chicks among their influences.
Warning - this song contains Vince Gill on guitar but we will forgive them -they are only young

Their album From Where We Stand is well worth a listen if you like your Country traditional.They do a good version of Caledonia - much better than Dougie MacLean's dirge of an original


  1. Hampshire country? How did that happen? Solid if not to my taste. Lyrics are a bit of a larf.

  2. Quite like this actually, didn't think I would after the first few seconds. May have to check out some more by these girls.