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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Sleeps With Angels

Neil Percival Young has released around 40 solo studio albums in his long and illustrious career.
Some have been brilliant and some have been pretty dreadful.
He seems to have become more prolific of late with, I would argue, a diminishing level of quality.
However, he has to be admired for constantly trying new things.
I purchased Sleeps With Angels recently in Auchterarder.
From 1994 it is about midway through his career being his 21st studio album and his 7th with Crazy Horse.
As well as being somewhere in the middle of his career it is probably also pretty much in the middle in terms of quality.
You are only getting one song Change Your Mind as it is over 14 minutes long.
It starts out all Harvesty and ends up all Crazy Horsey - no bad thing

Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Change Your Mind


  1. It's weird to think that this is mid-period Neil. I still think of it as late period, but now you come to mention it...! Where did those 21 years go? The awful track, 'Piece of Crap', sticks out like a sore thumb on this LP, which otherwise I adore. Lovely to hear 'Change Your Mind' this morning.

  2. Piece of Crap is hilariously bad.
    Swiss Adam

  3. Sorry CC, but Sleeps With Angels is one of his worst records ever. I love him and playing with Crazy Horse and I have to say that nobody can stand high level every time.

    1. I agree Walter it is not his best - but it is not his worse either!