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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

There is an argument that there is too much Americana posted on these pages. There is also a counter argument, and one I subscribe to, that you can never have enough Americana.
This week's random compilation Uncut: For Your Pleasure - New Music for a New Year 2011 contains a shed load of Americana as this track list demonstrates.
So that's what you are getting - not all of it just the two stand out tracks.

Firstly there is Samuel Beam better known by his stage name Iron and Wine with the sublime Walking Far From Home from his album Kiss Each Other Clean. He has five kids and a big beard.
Then we have the lovely Jessica Lea Mayfield from Kent, Ohio with Our Hearts Are Wrong from her second album Tell Me.

More random nonsense, Americana or otherwise, next Saturday God willing and if the creek don't rise.

Iron and Wine -Walking Far From Home

Jessica Lea Mayfield - Our Hearts Are Wrong


  1. I saw Iron & Wine once. Unfortunately they were the headline act on a late show and didn't come on stage until well after midnight. Their music is wonderful, but it was way too subtle and I was way too tired to fully appreciate it that night. I don't know Jessica Lea Mayfield, but this tune is very nice too.

  2. Jessica Lea Mayfield is awesome, though her last album disappointed me somewhat, all noisy distorted guitars and a lack of tunes.

    1. Oh reeeallly....I'm off to find it now then. Thanks Robster. :)

  3. According to Wiki it is a tribute to her early love of Grunge

  4. I saw Iron and Wine a few years ago live and it was a wonderful and relaxed concert. It's music that I often listen later at the evening.