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Friday 1 August 2014

Road Trip Songs - Nevada to Newe

Dave Manning is an interesting guy.
He spends half his time touring the American west in his VW Van and the other half in a one room cabin with his Scottish wife in the countryside of Aberdeenshire.
The newly released  album Road Trip Songs was recorded in two places. The piano and the voice were recorded at the House of Newe in the Scottish Highlands.The harmonica and clarinet were recorded in Kaiser Wash Canyon in Arizona.

He writes long songs and lots of them. His voice is "often compared to Tom Waits and his style of piano playing varies widely from soulful ballads to blues, country to boogie woogie"
If you buy the album and don't like it he will apparently give you your money back.
He is realistic enough to know that in this day and age  his songs may be downloaded and all he asks is that you leave something in the digital tip jar on his website were some free downloads are also available

Somewhere Tonight is about wide open spaces,long distances, and a late night bar in a tiny room
Dave Manning - Somewhere Tonight

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  1. Post: you're right there, I forgot to schedule. I like the idea of getting your money if you don't like the album. Not exactly the cheeriest of tunes is it?