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Saturday 9 August 2014

Saturday Lucky Dip

This week's offering is a Mojo CD from June 2007 Music is Love -15 Tracks that Changed the World.

15 Tracks that Changed the World.??  I shall list them

Apache Drop Out,  Cinnamon Girl,  Move it on Over,  John Hardy,  Like a Rolling Stone ,  Airbag (Radiohead  FFS - I had to look it up), Autobahn,  Strange Fruit,  Light my Fire,  I Want to Hold Your Hand,  River,  To be Young Gifted and Black,  Femme Fatale,  Free Money and Sympathy for the Devil

Some seminal songs in there I'm sure you'll agree. But 15 tracks that changed the world -Come On!!
Rather it is more of an excuse to churn out some covers of  standards.
However any excuse to feature the great Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club and the equally great Pauline Murray and Penetration is fine by me.

The Gun Club - John Hardy

Penetration - Free Money


  1. Have to agree - that is a great example of writers checking out their iPhone playlists and limiting themselves. Further agreement on anything JLP or Pauline Murray, raw and honest are the words that come to mind. As for that list, Autobahn, Strange Fruit and I Want To Hold Your Hand are the three tracks I wouldn't really quibble with, but it remains to be determined if they changed things for the better musically. For every I Want To Hold Your Hand, there's a Ferry Cross The Mersey remember...

  2. Yes it's a strange list. Many fine fine songs, but epoch-making, world-changing, it's just nonsense. By the way, that Amy Lavere track is really really good, I might have to see if I can get the album.

  3. Have to agree to Echorich. This songs might be milestones in their genres but none of them changed anything. The same nonsense if David Hasselhoff is maintained, his song 'I was looking for freedom' was the occasion that the Berlin Wall broke down.