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Saturday 23 August 2014

Saturday Lucky Dip

Today's random selection is Mojo - Made in Britain 2007- The best of new British music
There are two of three artists  I am familiar with in the Noisettes, The View and Bat for Lashes.
And then there are a lot of names I recognise but am not too familiar with their music - 1990s, Field Music, The Rumblestrips, Maps and The Young Knives. Pleasant enough tunes but nothing startling.

I have gone for two songs from two albums which I have burns of and  which therefore do not count.
First up is I'm Alive from Gospel Bombs the debut album of the splendidly named Vincent Vincent and the Villains.
Then we have ex Arab Strapper  Malcolm Middleton with the title track from his excellent 2007 album A Brighter Beat.

Vincent Vincent and the Villains - I'm Alive

Malcolm Middleton - A Brighter Beat

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  1. Surprised you're not familiar with the Young Knives. They're big faves of me and MrsRobster. The Rumblestrips (from deepest, darkest Devon) looked like they were going to be massive five or six years back, but they practically disappeared after their debut album.