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Friday 8 August 2014

Similar but Different

The other night I was listening to and thoroughly enjoying The Essential Charley Pride.
Although it does not compare to the majestic Crystal Chandeliers I was particularly taken with track 2 Does My Ring Hurt Your Ringer from 1967 and written by Don Robertson, John Crutchfield and Doris Clement.

I was pretty sure that I also had this by Buddy Miller and I eventually tracked it down to a Hightone Records Anthology.
Imagine my surprise to find that this was a totally different song Does My Ring Burn Your Finger written by Buddy and his good lady Julie.

Oh and yes I am totally aware that these song titles represent an open goal for Mr Finbarr Saunders and his Double Entendres (F'nar, f'nar!)

Charley Pride - Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger

Buddy Miller -Does My Ring Burn Your Finger


  1. Until you said it, I would benever had thought double entendres. But it had me laughing out loud.

  2. For those of you not familiar with Finbarr Saunders