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Sunday 24 August 2014

Southern Soul Sunday 47

As this series is nearing its completion Southern Soul Sunday is trumping The Blues Collection and featuring Little Milton.
He has previously made a fleeting appearance on SSS30 in the feature on the Mojo Southern Soul compilation.
James Milton Campbell Jr was born in 1934 in Inverness -not the one in the Highlands of Scotland alas but in Mississippi
He grew up in Greenville and was spotted by Ike Turner who was working as a talent scout and signed to Sun Records where he released a number of records between 1952 and 1955.
He worked with some other great labels too most notably Chess, Stax and Malaco and was equally at home playing the blues or singing soul.
According to the Blues Collection sleeve " he has a strong and appealing vocal technique which is complimented by an attacking guitar style, unmatched for its aggressiveness and bite"
But it is his voice we are featuring here on Who's Cheating Who from 1965 and Let's Get Together from 1969.

Little Milton - Who's Cheating Who

Little Milton - Let's Get Together


  1. Can we have a series of blues-and soul-men and women from Inverness, country of your (and mine) birth, please.

  2. I suspect it would be a fairly short series!

  3. lovely stuff. I like George's idea.

  4. Little Milton has a great set of blues pipes!

    As far as I can tell (at least for now) Willie Hightower wasn't in the Hightower Brothers group. It complicates things that one of the Brothers was named Willie and I think some writers on the web have just made the assumption that it's our soul guy. There isn't much at all written about him, but I know that he came from Alabama and, apparently, the Hightower Brothers were from Florida.

    If I come across any 'reliable' info, I'll be sure to let you know.


    1. Thanks Marie - good to know you are on the case!

  5. Inverness sits between Belzoni (Pinetop Perkins...regular haunt for Elmore James) and Indianola (BB King). If you were to ride by on W49 you'd probably marvel that anybody still lived there. Parts of what's left look like it was abandoned after a fierce tank battle. It would be shocking to see people there at all if there weren't hundreds of these little places in The Delta....Inverness is by no means the worst. It does still have a semi-functioning little square.
    I work up The Delta a lot and I love it's ruins.

    I love Little Milton too.