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Wednesday 6 August 2014

They'e Selling Postcards of the Hanging

A few posts ago I got into a debate with GeorgeScott and Walter about posting what we thought were the top 10 albums of all time.
George has already done so and was encouraging us to do the same.We mostly felt that this was a moveable feast with five or six obvious ones with the rest changing over time and depending on one's mood on a particular day.
One album which would definitely feature in my list would be Highway 61 Revisited,  Bob Dylan's 6th studio album from 1965.
This song needs no words from me.
It is absolutely majestic and a shining example of the work of the greatest poet and songwriter on the planet

Bob Dylan - Desolation Row


  1. The poetry of Desolation Row is magnificent, but I'd also like to put in a word of praise for the harmonica breaks towards the end of the song - especially the one that kicks in around the 10 and a half minutes mark. I know Dylan wasn't a harmonica wizard but the guy could hold a note.

  2. Fine fine start your ten. Well, current ten. As you say, these things change. Curious about the remaining nine. I suspect that American singer from New Jersey will appear....

  3. If this is the standard I am looking forward to the other nine. There may be a New Jersey musician lurking somewhere in my top ten. Previous postings on Spools may give some idea on certain albums that will appear.