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Monday 11 August 2014

I'm The Man

I'm The Man  the 1979 second album from Joe Jackson got a rare airing recently and very good it is too.
The successor of Look Sharp also released in 1979 and the predecessor of 1980's Beat Crazy.
The album generated Joe's biggest chart single It's Different For Girls which reached the dizzy heights of number 5 in the UK singles chart.
However you are not getting that. Rather you are getting tracks 2 and 3 Geraldine and John followed by Kinda Kute
Joe appears in the role of a spiv on the album cover with the album reaching number 22 in the UK charts and number 101 in the States.
Fairly shortly thereafter Joe began to meander down the jazz route.
No discerning record collection, however, should be without his first two albums.
He once had a pint of Guinness in Portsmouth with a pal of my pal Raymie.

Joe Jackson - Geraldine and John

Joe Jackson - Kinda Kute


  1. It's his birthday today. That's JJ not Raymie, I don't know when his is. By the way, I'm going to have to be a bit negative because JoeJackson is terrible.

  2. I can't agree to George - I always liked him. See what I post these days.

  3. Joe Jackson's early stuff was great, as you say, but his jazz and big band stuff is really not my thing.

  4. I'm with you Robster -the first two albums were terrific and then he began to go down avenues that are not really my bag
    So you are wrong there George!

  5. Sorry to gang up on you George, but I also really like the first two albums before he got all jazzed up...

  6. I'd go as far as to say first 3 albums. Beat Crazy was a giant leap and showed how restless he was to move on from pop punk.