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Monday 3 January 2022

Tupelo Honey


As far back as October 2014 I featured a version of Tupelo Honey by Dusty Springfield as part of my Saturday Lucky Dip series.

At the time I said that I thought I had a copy of the original by Van Morrison which I couldn't locate. It but it turns out I didn't. However, when we were at Mrs CC's mums for a New Year curry she had a copy of the Grumpy Irishman's 1971 album of the same name which was duly borrowed. Now he might be as mad as a box of frogs but he knew how to write a good tune.

I've also got a version by Little Milton and I would go as far as to say that all three are top drawer

When checking Wiki for other versions I was intrigued to find that Billy Bragg  was in the list. Here is a video of the  young Bard of Barking mashing it up with People Get Ready from a Belgian folk festival back in 1988. Fantastic stuff.

Dusty Springfield - Tupelo Honey

Van Morrison -Tupelo Honey

Little Milton - Tupelo Honey


  1. Little Milton sounds very very like Van Morrison. I think you've had a bit of a mix-up

    1. That's the right one. Think CC got that one from me, it is on a blues/soul Van tribute album with the terrible name 'Vanthology'

  2. Thanks for keeping him right Ernie

  3. That Little Milton version of Tupelo Honey really is terrific.

  4. A New Year's Day curry - Changed days!

    Oh good I thought, a compare and contrast kind of affair. Listened to Dusty's version and thought it was sublime but then Van's was just as good in a different kind of way. By the time I listened to Little Milton's version I decided it was a tie. Beautiful song. Thanks.