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Sunday, 2 January 2022

My First Songs of 2022


Heidi & Kris

You would think that with New Year Resolutions, new brooms and all that  that CCM would be well prepared to hit the ground running in 2022. Well you would be wrong there.

I therefore find myself sitting on New Years Day totally unprepared with no idea what to post today or until next weekend when we get back to the regular Saturday and Sunday series.

In the absence of any inspiration I think I will feature songs from albums which accompanied brunch.

The first album to be played in 2022 was Pale White Branches by Andrew Howie an album that came to my attention via Rol from the excellent My Top Ten. Like Brian he has a wonderful knack of drawing my attention to Scottish acts that I have never heard of.

Heidi Talbot, although Irish, lives in Scotland and is an old favourite of the blog and an artist we have seen live on a number of occasions. Here is the title track from her 2013 album Angels Without Wings.

Like Heidi, Kris Drever is another huge favourite round these parts either live or on record. Black Water from 2006 is his debut album and has featured here a number of times before. I've featured the title track before but make no apologies for featuring it yet again.

Then we make a daring leap from the Folk/Singer Songwriter shelves to the Americana shelves for a track from Dirt Farmer a solo album by the Band's drummer Levon Helm. Singing drummers - perhaps there is a series there! Oh no - wait a minute - Phil Collins!!

Andrew Howie -Partick Station

Heidi Talbot - Angel Without Wings

Kris Drever - Steel & Stone (Black Water)

Levon Helm - Poor Old Dirt Farmer

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