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Saturday 29 January 2022

Seen at King Tuts -Alejandro Escovedo

 Alejandro Escovedo

Tuesday 3rd December 2002                       £8.50                         Ticket No GA3 28

I was pretty excited to be seeing Alejandro Escovedo for the first time in the UK after seeing him on three occasions playing his legendary Sunday post SXSW concert at Austin's Continental Club alongside Chuck Prophet.

One thing's for sure Austin in March is much warmer than Glasgow in December.We were standing in the downstairs bar when Alejandro and his entourage came in. He is really small and was wearing a Russian Cossack fur hat. I have never seen anyone ever looking so cold.

He had recently released By the Hand of the Father  a collection of songs from the play of the same name many of which featured. I don't have that one  but there were plenty from 1996's With These Hands and his 2001 Bloodshot masterpiece A Man Under the Influence both of which are on the shelves.I've featured the latter several times so today I'll go for  With These Hands.

I remember that at one point he came down off the stage armed with his guitar and did an acappella number as the audience formed a circle around him.

The only time I ever saw him after that was a few years later in the sadly now defunct Glasgow Arches. He's still touring fairly regularly so you never know.

Alejandro Escovedo - Put You Down

Alejandro Escovedo -Pissed Off 2A.M.

Alejandro Escovedo - With These Hands


  1. If I have my dates right, you saw him not long before he collapsed on stage due to hep C. I remember this well. He didn’t have health insurance, and musicians from all over the world banded together to pay his bills. He was that well liked and respected.

    1. You could well be right Brian.I chucked in a few quid in the crowdfunding campaign