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Monday, 10 January 2022

Givin' It Back


A good few years ago when Record Libraries were still a thing I took out The Islay Brothers Original Album Classics  and duly took a copy of each of the 5 CDs (as you do).

For some strange reason the only one that I bothered to burn onto  CD was 3  + 3 probably because it included That Lady and more crucially Summer Breeze.
I really should have burned them all particlarly Givin' It Back their 9th album from 1971 on the T Neck/Buddah Records label. Fortunately I retained the electronic copy.

After years of having songs like Shout and Twist and Shout recorded by other artists and subsequently becoming huge hits they decided to return the favour .
I've posted the opening track a social commentry medley of Neil Young's Ohio morphing into  Hendrix' Machine Gun before and it is an absolute belter.
I don't think that Lay Lady Lay was ever included in my Dylan Covered series. Had it been they would surely have given his Bobness a run for his money.

Twenty minutes of pure quality to ease you gently into the week.