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Tuesday 25 January 2022

All Out of Amys


Amy Ray

I thought that I was only going to be able to give you two Amys instead of the usual three today. Fortunately our dear chum Ernie Goggins stepped up to the plate by providing a copy of Black Heart Today by Amy Ray. He then helpfully gave some useful background information so I don't have to. She is one of the Indigo Girls and the song is from her 2001album Stag which has the great Kelly Hogan on backing vocals.
Rites of Passage by the Indigo Girls was one of the first two CDs I ever bought along with Out of Time by R.E.M. I digress.

We are now on to a subset Amy and Whiskey (excuse the North American/Irish spelling) Amy Millan is a Canadian indie singer who is also a member of Stars and Broken Social Scene.

I saw Amy Allison at King Tuts supporting someone but I can't remember who.Like Amy Helm she has a famous musical father - in her case jazz and blues pianist Mose Allison. She has a bit of a quirky voice which is very much an acquired taste. For those of you who don't take to it I am throwing in Laura Cantrell's version of Amy's song.

That's all for now folks. I am thinking of Barbaras somewhere further down the line.


  1. Amy, Barbara... is this going to turn into a repeat of your famous AA to ZZ series? Looking forward to Xena

    1. I think I would struggle well before I got to X!

  2. I think you can get a few very nice posts with Barbaras. I have 8 of them in my music library -- all 1960s soul singers.


  3. I can't think of any more Amys.

    I can think of plenty of Barbaras though... and Barbras...