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Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Amy Amy Aimee



The third instalment of Amys with alternative spellings permissable.

We start with Weegie favourite Bishopbriggs girl Amy MacDonald.She shot to fame in 2007 with her debut album Is This the Life and has since released another 4 albums. I'm not sure how big she is elsewhere in the UK but remains huge in Glasgow with her concerts being held in the Hydro, the city's largest venue. She also pops up in Glasgow charity shops pretty often 

I don't have much information about Amy Cook other than she is 42 (shortly about to become 43) and is a singer songwriter from Austin, Texas and has opened for Alejandro Escovedo and Lucinda Williams.

Aimee Mann surely needs no introduction. An artist who has been releasing albums since she was part of Til Tuesday in the 80's and  much admired by Rol and George among others. She used to get a bit sniffy when her songs popped up in blogs but given today's streaming climate I'm sure she has bigger fish to fry.

I thought that this was it but I've got another couple who I will sneak in next week


  1. I somehow seem to have one track by an Amy Ray who I know nothing about, but happy to sent it over if it helps to round out your next post

    1. Further detailed research, which admittedly I could have done before posting the previous comment, is that she is one of the Indigo Girls and the track is from a solo album on which the great Kelly Hogan provides BV. Which must be why it came my way.

    2. That would be appreciated Ernie thanks

  2. Amy Ray has a few good tunes.

    Not as many as Aimee Mann, mind.

  3. Barely heard of Amy MacDonald until last week when I played Ray Davies' See My Friends alb when she turned up duetting with him on Deadend Street. It's a pretty straight run through of it but I particularly liked the fade out last 30/40 seconds of it In another short YouTube clip she looks nervous (who wouldn't be in the presence of the great man?) adding her vocals

    Also liked the Amy Ray track too which I half inched - dues will be paid of course.

  4. Love that Amy MacDonald sings with a strong Scottish accent. There were very tame Hogmanay shows on telly this year (last year?) but on the ITV one Amy was one of the guests. Liked her a lot and of course her song is 'pure, dead, brilliant'.