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Saturday, 8 January 2022

Seen at King Tuts - The Raveonettes


The Raveonettes

Friday 9th May   2003           £7.00                       Ticket No  GA0 47

It looks as though the sands of time have been playing tricks with my memory. I was always under the impression that the first time I saw the Raveonettes at King Tuts they were supporting Razorlight. It turns out that this was in fact the second time I'd seen them and Razorlight were actually supporting them, The Raveonettes were miles better. The date of that particular concert was 24th October 2003 presumably as part of the promotion of their first proper album Chain Gang of Love released by Columbia on 23th August 2003. I've not come across my ticket for this one.

At the time of the May gig they had only released Whip it On which had 8 tracks but which was billed as an EP. I've stumbled across a setlist for the evening which shows that songs from both records featured.They were fantastic and I was clearly keen to see them again a few months later

The Raveonettes were a Danish due consisting of Sune Rose Wagner  on guitar,synyths, percussion and vocals  and Sharin Foo on bass and vocals. Wiki describes them as performing close two - two part harmonies inspired by the Everly Brothers but there are also shades of the Cramps,Velvet Underground and Psychobilly bands such as the Meteors.
Their choice of songs are very gothic in nature with themes about murder, ghosts, running from the law and prison. Similar then to another less photogenic due The Handsome Family.

They were fantastic live and whereas the records are pretty good the songs never quite had the same energy or menace in a  studio setting. Two from Whip it On and the title track from Chain Gang of Love for your listening pleasure today


  1. Good stuff. Great to hear that they were even better live - really nice proof of their authenticity. You're on a bit of a dark garage trip at the moment, CC (and I like it!)

    1. It was unintentional! It was only after scheduling The Raveonettes that I realised the connection

  2. Great band. And your cred isn't spoiled, as you weren't actually at a Razorlight gig. (I'm reminded of HMHB's "Seen by my friends, coming out of a Styx gig...")

  3. I love The Raveonettes, right from that debut mini-album/EP right up to the current day (well, up to a few years ago when they last released something). Never managed to see them live though.