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Thursday, 20 January 2022

As They Pulled You Out of the Oxygen Tent You Asked for the Latest Party


No, not the first thing Boris Johnson said following his apparent Covid hospitalisation but rather the opening lines to the title track of  David Bowie's last glam album. Johnson has probably also crawled down  a few alleys on his hands and knees.

From 1974 Diamond Dogs was recently purchased alongside Low from a Twitter chum to plug two of the few remaining gaps in the Essential Bowie must haves. I'm just about there now.

Less than a year later he would be heading in a completely different direction with Young Americans

There was no Mick Ronson on the album leading to Bowie playing guitar. I think he made a pretty good job of it. Tony Visconti was back in the production saddle. Oh, and a pretty neat cover to boot.

Some essential stuff on here not least the three singles from the album namely the majestic Rebel Rebel (which criminally only peaked at number 5), the title track  and 1984. Interestingly, having been denied the rights for an adaptation  of 1984 by George Orwell's widow he devised an urban apocalyptic scenario based on the writings of William S Burroughs. (Wiki). 
Good preperation for The Man Who Fell to Earth as well.

He really was the great chameleon.


  1. Very funny opening line. (You, not Bowie. Well, both of you, I guess.)

  2. Yes a very funny title. A lot of David Bowie popping up around the blogs at the moment. That album cover always freaked me out a little though.

    I have great fondness for the film The Man Who Fell To Earth but it sounds as if he wasn't in a good way at that time which precipitated his move to Berlin, and another new persona. He really was the chameleon.