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Wednesday 19 January 2022

In Defence of Whiteout


A few days ago SWC over at No Badger Required was less that complimentary about Greenock band Whiteout and in particular their song Detroit.calling it  the very epitome of landfill Indie.
When he posted this I had never heard the song. I then tracked it down and I have to agree that it is pretty awful.

However, I have to stick by my view that on the whole Whiteout were a great little band. Their 1995 debut album Bite It is well worth tracking down and in particular the track Jackie's Racing. The single Starrclub is also not bad at all.

So there you go! One of the great things about Blogging and Music is that it is all about opinions - even when there wrong!


  1. Firstly, thanks for the heads up about Badger's new place. I completely missed its arrival, which presumably occurred during one of my occasional awol periods. Secondly, Whiteout - blimey! I owned this album many moons ago and it's great to hear a couple of the tunes again.
    (Thirdly, the link to No Badger Required within the post doesn't work, but I got there via the sidebar).

  2. Right I listened to these. And I was right. Landfill indie. I'd forgotten what 'thirty eight' sounded like before it had finished....swc.

    P.s thanks for posting the link to the blog...

  3. I'd forgotten about SWC's new blog too. Thanks for tipping us off.