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Tuesday 4 January 2022

Amy, Amy, Amy


There were a couple of posts towards the end of last year featuring artists called Amy leading me to threaten  promise a series. I've got just about enough for a mini series so here goes with part one.

Amy Rigby was one of the artists featured following a charity shop purchase of a single called Wait Til I Get You Home. She may be Mrs Wreckless Eric now but her most famous song is about the late great Joey Ramone.

Amy Helm is an American singer songwriter who was born in Woodstock. She is also the daughter of Levon Helm who coincidentally also popped up here just a couple of  days ago.

Amy Rude & Heartbeast are a band who featured on the excellent 2012 compilation Tuscon Songs - exciting songs from Southern Arizona which George very kindly pointed in my direction.

More Amys next week.

Amy Rigby -Dancing With Joey Ramone

Amy Helm - Heavens Holding Me

Amy Rude & Heartbeast - Stump of Love


  1. Will you be allowing deviations from the traditional spelling?

  2. Amyl and the sniffers in for a CCM debut....?

    1. Hmmm
      Enjoying No Badger Required Sec but can't see a comments section

  3. My vote (whaddya mean it's not a voting post?) goes to Amy Rigby without even hearing the other Amy wannabes. I'd barely heard of Amy Rigby 18 months ago but she's one of those artists you suddenly become aware of then start digging back in their career and come to realise they're a lost gem/unappreciated talent. Amongst many other good tracks she wrote Don't Break The Heart that Laura Cantrell made famous. As for Wreckless Eric he should be called Mr Rigby!