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Friday, 21 May 2021



 2021 Charity Shop Purchases 14 - Sam Brown -Stop1

Sam Brown first came to my attention with a song called I Forgive You which I had on a Demon Records compilation which completely blew me away and which I featured back in January 2014

I subsequently picked up the CD of her best selling  1988 album Stop! on the A&M label. I thought it would have appeared here before but apparantly not.
Then on my recent Clarkston trip I saw a vinyl copy for a pound which was a bit of a no brainer.

The plan was to replace the CD with the vinyl but the CD has 3 bonus tracks - Can I Get a Witness, High as a Kite and Nutbush City Limits so it is staying meantime.They may well feature as a post somewhere further down the line.

She has a great Blue Eyed Soul voice which can belt out a tune either as a cover or one of her own  compositions. Here are two of her own from Stop! and the aforementioned I Forgive You


  1. Saw her a long time ago with Jools Holland's Orchestra at the Playhouse during the Festival. Her version of the Lorraine Ellison classic which was nothing short of astounding, the memory of which has stayed with me ever since goosepimples just thinking about it.

  2. Stay With Me being the song, obviously

  3. You are ten years out there, CC. The album came out in 1988 not 1998. Fantastic voice and a very nice woman. She lived near me in the early 1990s and would always turn up and perform at our local annual street festival if she wasn't off touring. One year she roped her old Dad Joe into doing a turn as well.

    1. Duly sorted Ernie thanks.What's a decade here or there at our age?
      A lot of love out there for Sam

  4. As you'd expect of me, I was expecting a right load of old nonsense but the first and last tracks are certain to feature on vol 178.

  5. I've always been partial to her Kissing Gate - a single which limped into the lower half of the charts circa 1990 I remember. Tremendous voice as others have said.