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Tuesday 11 May 2021

Through a Big Country


  2021 Charity Shop Purchases 7 Big Country - Through a Big Country

Confession time. I don't think that I've ever posted anything by Big Country before. Also, the only thing on the shelves by the band from Dunfermline is a vinyl copy of their 1083 debut album The Crossing. Two sentences which may well lead me to being struck off Brian's Christmas card list.

Therefore it wa a bit on a no brainer to pick up Through a Big Country a best of compilation from 1990 on the Mercury label. So far so good you would think but sadly there is a major snag.

The sound quality is appalling . Rather than reflecting their anthemic chants and their Celtic charm it sounds like it has been recorded under water.

For that reason alone I don't think it will be a keeper. Instead I may content myself with tracking down Steeltown, The Seer and Peace in Our Time.

To cleanse the pallet I will get around to posting the vinyl versions of the songs below in due course.

Big Country - In a Big Country

Big Country - Fields of Fire

Big Country - Look Away


  1. Ha! Dunfirmline. Apparently, JC is not the most popular person in the world in that neck of the woods... ;-)

  2. Hi CC. If you already have the Crossing, you're halfway to having everything you need. Hopefully you'll find Steeltown for a quid at some point. The Wonderland EP would be a nice find too. The Seer is worth owning but a drop in quality. That's when I left.

  3. Peace In Our Time is massively over-produced, but there is a great album trying to get out. No Place Like Home is not so great.
    But by Buffalo Skinners they're sounding rejuvinated (at least for that album anyway)

  4. I have a brother that will back up RD’s comment on Buffalo Skinners.

  5. Love a bit of Big Country when we're driving around the big open spaces up here in the Highlands.

  6. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up just at the mention of Big Country and The Crossing. I loved (still love) that album beyond any measure. After Steeltown though my ardour cooled and then that was it. Odd how some bands burn so bright and yet fade so quickly. Is that down to the band or the listener? Mention of Dunfermline reminds me that once, at an unlooked forward to barbecue knowing no one there save my wife, I got talking to a chap from Dunfermline who was immoderately impressed when I knew his team's nickname was The Pars - we were still talking football 4 hours later as the party came to an end.