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Monday, 24 May 2021

Poor Down Like Silver


Richard Thompson featured in the first instalment of this Folk Monday series as part of Fairpot Convention.
Today he appears with Linda Thompson, his wife at the time , with 1975's Pour Down Like Silver on the Island label.It is the 3rd of their albums as a couple and sits next to 1974's I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight. A further three were to follow.

At the time that his was released they had adopted the Sufti faith (as you can see from the cover) and were living in a commune in London. There were some conflcts between their religion and their musical career leading to this being their last album until 1978.

While Dimming of the Day is sung by Linda on this album it has remained part of Richard's repertoire until this day


  1. Just wanted to say with many thanks to you for your recommendation, also followed by The Swede's, I bought 'Beeswing' for Mr SDS as an early birthday present. Early because he's on call for jury service of all things (and in the midst of being very stressed about his mum's health, too) and in need of a treat - he's loving it already.

    1. Good stuff
      My birthday is coming up and it is on order

  2. Splendid selections CC. I've reimmersed myself in Richard Thompson's music again just recently, after reading Beeswing.