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Thursday, 6 May 2021

The Kick Inside


  2021 Charity Shop Purchases 3  Kate Bush - The Kick Inside

There were about half a dozen Kate Bush CDs in the charity shop where I had my May Day foray .I'm not an uber fan nor am I one of those people who can't stand her.This led me to picking up only two of them.
One was her debut album from 1976 (when she was just 19 if my arithmetic is correct) The Kick Inside  on EMI in the UK and Harvest in the States

You will all be aware of the main single from the album Wuthering Heights which amazingly was the first self written song by a female artist to reach number 1 on the UK singles charts. I shall spare you that one today 
Them Heavy People released on 5th May 1978 was a single in Japan only with the title Rolling the Ball
Kate was only 13 when she wrote The Man With The Child in His Eyes which is pretty astonishing. She recorded it when she was 16.

The more astute among you and/or those who can remember as far back as the first paragraph will have worked out that she will be making a further appearance here sooner rather than later.


  1. Kate was a bit of a child genius - Only 13 when she wrote such a mature song.

    Always remember The Man With The Child... from when it came out as my friend and I were staying in the sticks over the summer working at a country house hotel. We sent out an SOS for some new singles and her sister brought us this one (amongst others). It was played on our little mono record player often.

  2. Still my favourite Kate Bush album.

  3. She was such a precocious talent - it only falls to a few of us. It rarely lasts into older age though which is where I depart from KB.