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Wednesday 12 May 2021

Let's Make This Precious


  2021 Charity Shop Purchases 8 Dexy's Midnight Runners - Let's Make This Precious

A post in a similar vein to yesterday's one on Big Country albeit with much better sound quality.

I had Searching for the Young Soul Rebels and Too-Rye-Aye by Dexy's Midnight Runners on vinyl but nothing on CD.
So even although about half the 18 songs from Let's Make This Precious - The Best of Dexy's Midnight Runners a 2003 compilation on EMI come from these two albums I could justify picking it up for a pound.

Unlike Big Country I'm featuring two that I don't have on vinyl. Because of You was a single from 1986 and was the theme song from the British sitcom Brushstrokes. It was obviously the best thing about the programme.

Let's Get This Straight (From the Start) was a non-album single from 1982 with Old from Too-Rye- Aye on the b-side.
Worth the purchase for these two tracks alone.


  1. Are there any CDs left in this shop now?

    1. There are a couple more to come.
      Also giving advanced warning of a subsequent haul!

    2. CC - You're spot on about Brushstrokes - one of the least funny sitcoms I've ever seen.

  2. Yes, Brushstrokes - About a painter and decorator called Jacko and from the period just after when British sitcoms still were funny. The theme was definitely the best bit.

  3. I have a mess of Dexys records, including the Because of You 7". It says on the sleeve the song is the theme to the BBC series Brush Strokes, and I always wondered about the show. Sounds like no need to wonder any longer.

  4. Because Of You is a wonderful little song. I haven't seen Brush Strokes since it was on first time round and have no desire to revisit.

  5. I'd forgotten all about Because Of You, which deserved more than being a standalone single then tucked away on a 'best of' compilation.

    I wish I could say the same about the risible Brush Strokes, though it then brought back memories of Babes In The Wood, another Karl Howman vehicle starring Samantha Janus & Denise Van Outen, which was even worse.

    Lets Get This Straight (From The Start) is one of my favourite Dexy's songs. Absolutely wonderful.

  6. Babes In The Wood because it was set in St John’s Wood! They really were getting bad by then.