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Saturday 1 May 2021

Punk 2


As this series of punk/new wave compilations continues it is getting harder and harder to come up with artists or songs which I haven't featured before. To make things even harder I'm trying to exercise a bit of quality control so no Throbbing Gristle today.

First up is the only debut act today .The Dead Boys were a band from Cleveland, Ohio and according to Wiki they were one of the rowdiest and most violent punk groups of the era which might explain why they didn't last long or enjoy more fame. Sonic Reducer was their debut single on the Sire label in 1977.

Public Image Ltd surely need no introduction. The band that Johnny Rotten now using his real name John Lydon formed when he left the Sex Pistols. I thought this had featured before but looking back only Rise has appeared before.

The Ruts debuted earler on these Saturday slots with Staring at the Rude Boys which was on the Sound of the City compilation .Babylon's Burning is the one I remember most.

The Slits featured on the back of me having read  Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys the 2014 autobiography of Viv Albertine. Today New Town gets it first airing.

Sod it - I'm about to break my own rules for this series. Ambition by Vic Goddard & the Subway Sect was all set to appear until I discovered that it had featured on a random Uncut compilation. It is so good that it is going on again.

Punk 3 next week in what will be the last in this series

The Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer

Public Image Ltd - Public Image

The Ruts - Babylon's Burning

The Slits - New Town

Vic Goddard & the Subway Sect - Ambition


  1. Superb selection, every one a winner!
    I think Stiv Bators had more fame after the Dead Boys with Lords of the New Church, but I much prefer the former.

  2. I first saw The Dead Boys in the summer of 1978 at CBGBs. They had been around for a while by then and weren't particularly "dangerous" onstage that I can recall from the mists of time, but they were certainly raw and a bit of a shambles and I loved it as a kid.
    The Ruts and Ruts DC are one of those bands I discovered and decided not to share with any of my friends. They were one of the "My Punk Rock" bands and it didn't matter if they had hits or I ever got to see them. It was all about knowing about them and their music.

  3. A very fine selection of tunes - I'm particularly enjoying 'Ambition' this morning.