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Monday 13 January 2014

Play It Again Sam

Sam Brown I here you cry! Sam Brown!
Daughter of Joe, middle of the road crooner and Jools Holland collaborator.
Big in the early 80's briefly then a session singer career.

But wait  - I stumbled across this track on a compilation CD of tracks from Demon Records and was completely blown away.
From Box, her 1997 record on Demon, here is the absolutely fantastic I Forgive You.
Described by one critic as "one of the most impressive albums by a British female vocalist this decade" and clearly one which I shall have to look out for.
It first I thought it was Maria McKee which was a pretty good shout as she co-wrote this.

Sam Brown - I Forgive You


  1. Sam Brown? Sam Brown? That song is tour de force, as we say here in the south of europe. Jo says a Tour de Pants, but she is wrong there.

  2. She has an amazing voice. I saw her about twenty years ago in the Playhouse when she was guest vocalist with Holland's big band and her rendition of Stay With Me Baby blew me away. Just thinking about it I'm getting goosebumps and all shivery. It's a pity she never recorded it.

    1. I saw Sam Brown at the Usher Hall with Jools and his Band around 1994. She sang "Stay With Me Baby" there too. It was some kinda charity evening thing. The cast of Absolutely performed sketches including Stoneybridge!

  3. You're right there Drew
    You're right there George
    You're wrong there Jo!