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Friday, 10 January 2014

Early Blondie

I had a notion to play some early Blondie and went looking for Plastic Letters - but to no avail.
I was pretty sure I had it: I definitely did at one stage. I shall look out for a replacement copy on my travels.  I got it after Parallel Lines even though it pre- dates it  - i.e after they became famous.
I can think of other such examples - purchasing Bleach by Nirvana after Nevermind for instance
I watched an interesting  documentary about Blondie recently graphically illustrating how they imploded.
They were pretty much the perfect pop band for a while and early doors before the hits started rolling out there was a degree of raw energy in their songs.
Red eye shadow! Green mascara indeed!

Blondie -Denis

Blondie -Rip Her to Shreds


  1. Good choice. My single of Denis, b/w Kung Fu Girls and Contact In Red Square is one of my prized posessions.

    G. Ovanhill

    1. Those b-sides were exactly what I was looking for - but couldn't find!

  2. Good to remember Debbie Harry again CC.