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Thursday 16 January 2014

Desert Noir

It is time for a little slice of desert noir courtesy of Giant Sand.
Operating out of Tuscon, Arizona there have been many members over the years with the constant main man being Howe Gelb - a kind of American The Fall if you will.
Here on 1986's Ballad of a Thin Line Man he is joined  by Scott Garber on bass, Tom Larkins on drums and his then wife Paula Jean Brown on vocals and guitar (another Fall comparison).
John Convertino and Joey Burns of Calexico fame feature later on in the Giant Sand story.
You are getting one of Howe's own compositions plus a quite magnificent version of the Johnny Thunders classic.

I once offered to buy Howe a pint in the 13th Note in Glasgow which he politely declined - such is the rock 'n' roll lifestyle

Giant Sand - Thin Line Man

Giant Sand - You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory


  1. .....maybe you should have asked HIM to buy YOU a pint. After all, you'd bought his records and paid to see him in concert

  2. You are right there George.
    There has been a pretty poor esponse to this post.
    Looks like rainy Britain is not ready for for some atmospheric desert music!

  3. Owe you a pint for that fine Thunders cover mate...