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Friday, 31 January 2014

Compare and Contrast

Mrs CC came in the other day with a charity shop purchase The Essential Eddy Grant CD.
This led me to getting out my vinyl copy of Eddy Grant -All the Hits for a quick compare and contrast.
The track lists for these compilations are virtually identical with two crucial exceptions.

The CD includes his great 1988 single Gimme Hope Jo'anna a joyous song but one with a message strongly attacking apartheid. Number 1 in Germany apparently.
I suspect my vinyl version was issued before this song was released.
More surprisingly the CD version does not include 1982's Electric Avenue.
Two good reasons to retain both formats and an excellent excuse to post the two aforementioned tracks.

Eddy Grant - Gimme Hope Jo'anna

Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue


  1. Remember it well (still do) ... everyone and his dog was singing along to this back then, shouting "gimme DOPE, Joanna!"


  2. I'm guessing Dirk was not one of those responsible for making this a number 1 in Germany!

  3. Nah, instead I helped getting The Sugarcubes a good ranking in the Indie Charts back then ... much more worthwile in my books!

  4. Bit late, I know. One of Piedmont, my region, few legendary bands, Farinei D'la Brigna (roughly translated: Those Who Profess An Extraordinary Concern About The Female Reproductive Organ) many years ago did an epic 'Gimme Hope Jo'Anna' cover in my dialect, and renamed it 'Basme'l Cù Giuana' (roughly translated: Kiss My Backside, Jenny'). Here you can find an mp3:

    Epic, I tell you. Beats 'gimme dope' every day.

    1. I had a look Luca but failed miserably to access the MP3. Looks very interesting though. Cheers

  5. Weeeelll.. if you copy the link with the point at the end you will find a very interesting 404 Not Found page (sorry, it wasn't intentional!). Do NOT copy that point and you will end up in a page dedicated to the Farinei. Save the link of 'Giuana' as a mp3 file and there you go!