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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Soft Country Rock

Following the demise of Buffalo Springfield in 1968 Richie Furay and Jim Messina set up Poco along with Rusty Young, Randy Meisner and George Grantham.
It was an ever changing line up and by 1976, and today's featured Rose of Cimarron, only Rusty and George were left from the original line up together with Timothy B Schmidt and Paul Cotton who performs the vocals on this the title track of the album.
Rusty finally hung up his spurs in 2013 and Timothy B went on to perform with The Eagles the daddies of soft Country Rock.
You will either love or hate this track and indeed the genre- there is no middle ground.

Poco - Rose of Cimarron


  1. A great band who did fantastic harmonies. And their live album "Deliverin" is a cracker.

  2. That's a very very mainstream choice today. Is this a Mrs CC influence?

  3. I find it odd that I really like this song now but hated it back in 1976. That's what age does for you - I'm turning into my Dad!

  4. As I said - no middle ground.I'm with peewit on this one. I bought it, I like it, I'm getting old!