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Saturday 11 January 2014

It's a Family Affair 4

This time around it is the turn of the Carter Cash dynasty featuring Johnny and June and two step daughters/step sisters.
The most famous couple in Country music history had both been married before and both had daughters from their previous relationships.

Rosanne Cash is the oldest of the four girls that Johnny had with his first wife Vivienne Liberto.
She has been releasing records off and on from 1979.
This track is taken from her acclaimed 2009 album The List
When she was travelling on the road with her father in 1973 he made her a list of 100 Essential Country Songs that as she puts it "had informed him and would eventually inform me"
This Bob Dylan song featured on Nashville Skyline with Johnny dueting.

Carlene Carter is the elder daughter of June Carter and her first husband country singer Carl Smith
Carlene has been married four times including to Nick Lowe who is the producer of her 1980 album Musical Shapes from which this duet with Dave Edmunds is taken.

Indeed if you threw in Carl Smith, Nick Lowe, Rosanne's former husband Rodney Crowell and  June's relatives from The Carter Family you would have yourself a veritable Country Family Tree.
A project for another day!

Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash - Jackson

Rosanne Cash -Girl From The North Country

Carlene Carter (with Dave Edmunds) - Baby Ride Easy


  1. Charity Chic Music - big in Portugal!

  2. Jackson. Great song. At least one big big fan in the south of Portugal. Where beer has been drunk. And white wine. Sunshine and shorts. And sunglasses.

  3. It was mean't to be the first song at our wedding party night. Instead we got Brown Eyed Girl for some strange reason!