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Monday 27 January 2014

Embrace Greeks Bearing Gifts

This popped into my in-box the other day.
Yuri's Accident are a band from Ionnina in Greece who are now based in London where the various members are pursuing their professional careers.
Their blurb claims that "Their sound is being based on a firm rhythm section and disciplined but abstract guitar patterns, their songs talk about common and not so common daily stories, sensitive to the burdens of the contemporary Greek turmoil." So there you go!
This single can be accessed via Soundcloud and Bandcamp and for those of you into this sort of thing there is a link to a video directed by Greek composer/director Kid Flicks (not his real name I suspect!)

The music is perfectly pleasant with a slight 80's feel to it which I suspect would not be out of place over at JC's place


  1. I think the songs are better than your write-up suggests Mr CC.

  2. Well that's me told!
    Hopefully I didn't come across as damming with faint praise.
    I do like the songs or else they wouldn't have featured