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Thursday 23 January 2014

Here's Barrence!

Barrence is a Boston based, internationally followed; Rockabilly, Roots, Jump Blues, Funk and Soul  singer in the vocal decimals of Little Richard and James Brown. You won't just have a good time, You will have a Kick Ass Good Time!

So says his website - and who am I to argue.
I've just stumbled across Dig Thy Savage Soul released in September 2013 the first Barrence Whitfield and the Savages album for 8 long years.AND it's on Bloodshot too!
I was going to say it is worth the wait but that is really too long a period to be deprived of his energy and enthusiasm.
He used to be championed by Andy Kershaw and I have a few of his songs on mini disc from back in the day when I used to record Kershaw, Mark Lamarr's Shake Rattle and Roll and the Paul Jones show.
Lots of good stuff gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere -must get round to transferring it sometime. Another long term project.

Anyway back to Barrence - his real name is Barry White but let's face it there is only room for one Walrus of Love!
Think I can get away with posting this as it is freely available to download on the Bloodshot Soundcloud

Play it loud!


  1. You couldn't fail to have a great time listening to Barrence. I was just listening to the wonderful Bip Bop Bip this very morning. I believe he is playing Glasgow soon CC.

  2. Excellent song. Reminded me of The Buff Medways.

  3. I first encountered Barrence Whitfield in the mid 1980's when I saw him perform at The Channel a now long closed down club on Necco Street in Boston. He did a track for a Boston Charity Compilation ("Hark The Rock 'n' Rollers Sing") called Backdoor Santa. Barrence is the business.