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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Dee C The Day

The brilliant and hilarious story of Dick Van Dyke's trip to Amsterdam to see The Style Council has recently featured on the New Vinyl Villain here and here and had me in stitches.
 The vision of Dickie descending from the balcony  had me reaching for my 12 inch single of See the Day by Diane Catherine Sealy  aka Dee C Lee.
I was shocked and stunned to find out that the former Wham backing singer and  erstwhile Mrs Weller is actually older than me.
To me, and also Dickie I'm sure , she will be Forever Young as someone once sang.
See the Day reached number 3 in the UK charts in 1985 earning Dee (or should that be Dee C?) a silver disc.
I was appalled to read that this was subsequently  covered by Girls Aloud although thankfully I've never had the misfortune of hearing that particular version to my knowledge. There should be a law against that type of thing.

Dee C.Lee - See The Day

The Council Quartet - The Paris Match


  1. Older than you? She must be knocking on a bit. I have a DCLee 12" single somewhere here. Must get it out.........

  2. She is 49 days older than me !