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Saturday 8 March 2014

The First Two Times I Saw The Jayhawks

I have seen the Jayhawks on numerous occasions over the years.
However, the first time I saw them was at Glasgow's King Tut's Wah Wah Hut on Thursday 25th November 1993 (ticket number 00251  £6.50)

I was there with Gogs, Donno and Donno's girlfriend (now his ex wife).
We were in an advanced state of excitement and many beers were consumed.
Those of you who know King Tuts will know it is mainly standing with a few seats at the back.
As you would expect we were down the front. Donnos' girlfriend wanted to go up the back, we declined to accompany her and she went home in the huff.
After a truly fabulous concert and far too many beers we resolved that we would go and see  them the following night wherever they were playing.
I went back to Donno's and crashed out.
The next morning we woke with sore heads and still hungover  decided to find out where they were playing. This took some doing as it was in the days before mobile phones and t'internet.
We found out that they were playing in Whelan's that night - in Dublin! and decided to go.
Gogs had gone off to work so we phoned citing a family emergency and that he was required to return home immediately.
We then set off for Stranraer to catch the ferry to Larne and drove down to Dublin arriving about 7.30 pm. We checked into a hotel and then headed for Whelans

We saw another terrific concert. At one stage after they had finished we cornered Gary Louris and Marc Perlman to regale them of our adventures. They a) were mightily impressed or  b) thought we were crazy (delete where appropriate).
We staggered out of Whelans and bumped into some folk going to see Maria McKee and decided to join them making it 3 gigs in 2 nights.
We stayed on Saturday and took it relatively easy going to a couple of pubs one of which featured a bog standard Steely Dan tribute band who may or may not have been called Reeling in the Years.
Remember Donno's girlfriend ? She hadn't seen him since storming out of King Tuts on Thursday and was expecting him for Sunday dinner. She got a shock to find out he was in Dublin.
Fast forward a few years and the Jayhawks are playing in the Garage in Glasgow  two days before Donno's wedding. Cue one very nervous wife to be!

The Jayhawks - Wichita

The Jayhawks - Nevada, California

Maria McKee -Has He Got a Friend For Me?


  1. Superb. Absolutely superb.

  2. Would make a great short story!

  3. I didn't know you saw Maria McKee as well. Now I wish I'd been with you that night.

  4. Just followed the link here from your brilliant Imaginary Compilation Album. What a fabulous tale this is. The things we did when we were young and relatively unencumbered by responsibility. All that and Maria McKee too! That must've been the 'You Gotta Sin to Get Saved' tour? Excellent stuff - what an adventure.