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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Feelin' Perky

Rockabilly ......................................  on a Wednesday??
Well  I know we had Twangy Tuesday  from Walter but I suspect that  some of you just can't until
Swiss Adam's Friday slot.

I bought Blue Suede Shoes a Carl Perkins compilation on the Dynamic label in a charity shop in Peebles recently.
If you ever see this DO NOT BUY IT!
I should have read the small print - original artists re-recordings. What it doesn't say is that these re-recordings were made under water with a towel wrapped round the mike -abysmal sound quality.
Some are live recordings from what I can only assume was Carl's chicken in a basket era. Not his finest hour.

However salvation was at hand in that a few weeks later in Edinburgh I picked up Columbia Rockabilly Volumes 1 and 2.
These two fine fine tracks are taken from volume 2 which was originally packaged as Whistle Bait.
Hot blooded and sharp-boned as the album cover rightly says.

Carl Perkins - Jive After Five

Carl Perkins - Pink Pedal Pushers

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  1. Haven't heard these Columbia sides before - good to know he was still rockin' after Sun Records. What with Rockabilly Wednesdays and Fridays, Country Mondays and (my personal favourites) Gospel and Soul Sundays, a day doesn't go by without the opportunity of hearing a new gem.