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Monday 17 March 2014

Shadow and Jimmy

For the last few days Shadow and Jimmy by Was (Not Was) has been floating around my head.
I have learnt by now not to ignore such things and realize that this is a subliminal message indicating that this song requires to be shared with you good people.
The two main men are Don Was (Don Fagenson) and David Was (David Weiss) - so not brothers but rather chums from school days.
From the 1998 album What Up, Dog?
This album provided their two most famous songs - Walk the Dinosaur and Spy in the House of Love.
However it is Shadow and Jimmy co-written by David Was and Elvis Costello that you are getting today.
And, as an added bonus, if that is the right turn of phrase, you are getting what must be every parent's second worst nightmare, second only to "Dad, I'm a Genesis fan"
Happy to welcome any further "second only to Dad,... " suggestions.

Was (Not Was) - Shadow and Jimmy

Was (Not Was) - Dad, I'm in Jail


  1. "Dad, now that I'm nearly 50 I've started a music blog"

  2. So you were able to remember Friday night's conversation then?

  3. "Dad, I'm going to marry a Genesis fan.."

  4. Dad, I'm chucking in my job, selling the house and moving to a country where I can't speak the language

  5. Dad, I've married an english girl

  6. Dad, I'm corresponding with strange men on the Internet

  7. dad, guess what you're not my dad...!!!...???